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Park Rules


Chapter 1: Guidelines and prohibitions

Please show respect for the animals and the potential dangers they represent

The Valley of the Tortoises presents live animals to the public, some of which can be considered dangerous. They must be observed and respected. Respect the animals. Please do not attempt to touch them, or cross the protective barriers, or attempt to get them to move by any means whatsoever.

It is strictly forbidden:

  1. To cross walls and security fences (some species of tortoise can represent a serious danger)
  2. To enter enclosures, ponds or housing areas
  3. To throw rocks at the tortoises
  4. To give or throw food to the tortoises
  5. To dip hands in the water of ponds (due to risk of biting)
  6. To walk barefoot
  7. To spit in the pathways or the pens or ponds
  8. To introduce a weapon or any other dangerous object
  9. To introduce noisy objects (radio, etc.)
  10. To run in the walkways
  11. To throw cigarette ends in the pens or the basins (under penalty of exclusion from the park)


  1. All sport, group or individual, is prohibited in the park
  2. Entry is prohibited to animals. * Only dogs on a lead are accepted.

Chapter 2: Respect for the site

The site of the Valley of the Tortoises is also a botanical garden, which is landscaped and maintained. Please be sure to preserve it in its natural state. Observe the flora without the damaging it in any way. Several family picnic areas are at your disposal throughout the park.

In order to preserve the site, it is forbidden to:

  1. Discard paper or other rubbish in the animal enclosures, water basins, and walkways. Waste receptacles are at your disposal throughout the visit.
  2. Smoke (due to risk of fire)
  3. Pick flowers or break or damage the branches of trees