Green Walkway with wrought iron fencing

At the heart of the Happy Valley, over approximately one hectare of land, the pathway winds up and down along the Tassio, a small ‘river’, which takes its source in the Alberes and empties into the Mediterranean. You can stroll along the trails while admiring the local fauna and flora! It is also a walkway of discovery: ‘the Tortoise Route in Catalonia’, a refreshing place with misting humidifiers, and an area for napping with relaxing chairs and soon also with hammocks.

The garden of the senses and the platform in the trees

Come and walk barefoot along the path of the senses and breathe in the scent of the natural surroundings while listening to birdsong, cicadas and the sound of flowing water!

From the observation platform in the trees, you can admire the splendid view of the Happy Valley and the Tassio river below.



Picnic area

There are many areas to choose from in the open air or with shelter.

The Prickly Pear


Trampolines, children's roundabout, mini maze and much more!


Recreation Area for all ages

Dunes, relaxation, mystery, signs for reflection and to absorb the local culture: ‘The Tortoise Route in Catalonia’...


Misting humidifiers

Clover water flowers