-  1998: In the middle of nature, Françoise MALIRACH created THE VALLEY OF THE TORTOISES wildlife park in SORÈDE (Pyrénées-Orientales).

The idea originated from: 

  1.  The physical presence of TORTOISES in the local natural wilderness near SORÈDE, (classified as a NATURA 2000 protected area).

  2. The attachment of the local people to tortoises in their very own gardens.

  3. The fascinating book, THE PLIOCENE ANIMALS OF ROUSSILLON, written in 1890, which chronicles the extraordinary discovery of numerous fossils of GIANT TORTOISES and other animals in the region of the Eastern Pyrenees. The scientific conclusion: 200 million years ago, groups of giant tortoises lived where Perpignan is located today.

  4. Many varieties of tortoise exist throughout numerous sites in Catalonia (on both sides of the border).

  5. The presence in GUARRIGUELLA and ESPOLLA of the Alberes Tortoise Reproduction Centre created by the Catalan Ministry of the Environment as the Alberes Natural Site of National Interest

THE VALLEY OF THE TORTOISES has persevered and worked diligently to bring the world of tortoises to the eyes of the public.




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