Guided tour option

We offer private guided tours lasting one hour for groups, where we will show you all the species of tortoise present in the park, as well as their unique characteristics

Visit without tour

The visit through the tortoise section of the park lasts approximately 1 hour and the botanical section visit also lasts approximately 1 hour.


Crèche: Mattresses are always available for the little ones to take a nap.

The Barn: A great place for a meal, with protection against the sun, the cold, the wind and the rain.

The Valley Workshops

The Valley of the Tortoises offers manual and educational workshops for schools, leisure centres and other groups for the oldest and the youngest participants




MANUAL WORKSHOPS: Each participant leaves with their own creation


- Play dough and shell workshop: a small tortoise takes form at your fingertips!

From 3 years of age

- Tortoise paperweight workshop: on a large stone, paint a beautiful aquatic or land tortoise.

From 5 years of age

- Wood painting workshop: create a superb painting with a tortoise theme!

From 5 years of age

- ORIGAMI workshop: within a few minutes, a square of white paper becomes a nice colourful tortoise! You can make land or aquatic tortoises (various levels of difficulty).

- Hemisphere workshop: create a tortoise from half a ball of polystyrene. Decorate your creation to your taste with collage made of various materials. 

From 6 years of age