Creation of a new Leopard Tortoise enclosure for the park in response to the expansion of the family...

- Remoulding of the basin (by hand!)

- Building the water basin

- Creating new housing

A Palm Tree was dying in the Valley of the Tortoises 

With his talent as a chainsaw sculptor, Simon, a team member from the Valley of Tortoises, created a work to preserve the trunk of a dying palm tree. He transformed it into a magnificent and spectacular tortoise made of wood.

Bavo Simon, the chainsaw sculptor.




Spawning of Sulcata

Encoche, a female SULCATA, has hatched 23 eggs. The young tortoises will be able to scamper around and gather strength before the winter months.








Nouveauté 2014 :

Nourrissage des tortues serpentines et alligators avec des poumons d'agneau.